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Belfast Natural Medicine (Dr. Kerri Vacher)

Kerri Vacher
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Welcome to Belfast Natural Medicine
- the offices of Dr. Kerri Vacher!

Belfast Natural Medicine is committed to quality, competent, and compassionate medical care for all aspects of your body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Vacher views true health as a freedom from the things that limit your ability to enjoy life.  She strives to help you achieve health by guiding you to make good decisions about your body. Her focus is on the prevention and reversal of illness not on the suppression of your symptoms.  She doesn’t just want your symptoms to go away when you take a pill-herbal or otherwise. Dr. Vacher wants your body to heal and maintain health. She always seeks the root cause and considers the whole person: body, mind and spirit. She is a Naturopathic doctor, health coach, mentor, and guide on each person's journey to optimum health.


1 -  To offer patients a full range of natural medical services in a warm family practice atmosphere

2 - To promote wellness by embodying the principle of "docere" - doctor as teacher - by educating clients to live life in the healthiest way possible

3 - To provide a team-based work environment which exemplifies health in the work place

Dr. Kerri provides a full range of services including but not limited to:

    Medical care during acute and chronic illness
    Family health care
    Pediatric care
    Metabolic detoxification
    Nutritional counseling and coaching
    A body, mind, spirit approach including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, biotherapeutic drainage, botanical medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy.
Dr. Kerri Vacher
(207) 322-8922
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